Retirement Career Ideas
Are you planning on pursuing a second career during your retirement years? Whether you want to work part-time or full time once you retire from your primary occupation, there are many different options for retirees who want to continue working while enjoying a retirement lifestyle. While you can, of course, pursue any type of career that appeals to you during your retirement years, here are a few ideas that many retirees find to be fun and rewarding.

<strong>Career Coach
</strong>If you've enjoyed a successful professional life, maybe you'll find it rewarding to help other people achieve their professional goals. You may want to enroll in a program that will provide you with coaching credentials and go to work in your own private consulting practice. Alternately, you may want to seek salaried employment with a college career services office or community agency that provides career development services.

<strong>Campground Host
</strong>If you plan to enjoy RV travel during your retirement years, you may be able to leverage your desire to camp into paid positions at campgrounds in locations that appeal to you. Many public and private campgrounds contract with individuals to serve as on-site resources for campers. Typically, hosts are provided with a free campsite and a small stipend in exchange for being on call throughout a season, or longer, to handle administrative and maintenance tasks at the facility.

<strong>Mystery Shopper
</strong>If you are organized and have good writing skills, you may really enjoy pursuing mystery shopping opportunities. You'll help companies with their marketing research and customer service training by posing as a customer and reporting your experience to the organization that contracts for your services. Be careful to avoid mystery shopping scams, keeping in mind that you should never pay a fee for any type of employment opportunity. See for information about companies that utilize the services of mystery shoppers around the world.

These are just a few of the many jobs you may be interested in pursuing during your retirement years. If you want to keep working, spend some time thinking about how you'll enjoy spending your time and look for job ideas and opportunities that will bring you joy and fulfillment.

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