Let's bust some common retirement myths - Part 2

Retirement is regarded as a hard job mainly because retirees are used to imagine things about it without having the genuine curiosity of finding out what the truth is about this stage of life. They prefer to be governed by retirement myths.

Once an individual retires, he or she will not have to work again. This might be a false statement because a retiree is likely to work again for one of the following reasons: work give him/her purpose in life and provide a meaningful activity, may need extra income in order to supplement the current retirement savings or he or she realizes that working can become a wise way to be out and interact with other people. Actually, a constantly growing portion of the people belonging to the middle class discovers that work is needed in order to supplement the retirement income. Other people may choose to work both for supplementary income and because they need a genuine sense of connection with other people and meaningful purpose.

If the retirees manages to save enough money, he/she will have a wonderful retirement. Actually, this is one of the most popular retirement myths. But this doesn’t make it a true statement. Keep in mind that your happiness in retirement is likely to have less to do with providing yourself with enough money than with trying and managing to have a brand new lifestyle plan.  Money will not buy your happiness. So, you should focus on having meaningful relationships with the people around you and providing yourself with purpose and meaning. You really need to leave a kind of legacy for your close ones. Money cannot create nor sustain your most essential and human needs during your retirement years.

Life after retirement will be a time when the retiree will be focused mainly on mental and physical capabilities decline. This isn't true and you must prevent yourself from having destructive thoughts about yourself. Instead, you should take proper care and get the right diet. Rest and exercise are important as well in order to keep both your mind and body in a perfect shape. Remain engaged and active in order to keep yourself sharp. For instance, every retiree should try and talk and even work with a personal physician in order to come up with the best diet that meets his/her real needs. The right exercise program is to be selected as well in order to obtain an optimal physical health. You can keep your mind active by learning new things, reading, becoming socially engaged and even playing some stimulating games.

Every retiree will end up in the nursing home. This isn't true either mainly because people tend to become more and more independent and they choose to grow old in their beloved homes. Even social security, insurance companies and society itself are likely to acknowledge the fact that it is more cost-effective to provide a retiree with the necessary treatments and services if he/she is over 55 and in his/her home.  Actually, even the people who suffer from degenerative illnesses or disabilities are likely to be able to find the necessary equipment and provide themselves with everything they need in order to remain at home.

The best time for a retiree to start planning his/her lifestyle is after he/she retires. This is a false statement because recognizing your retirement needs earlier is likely to provide you with the right perspective on planning your future lifestyle. For instance, you will have to find out what your financial needs are in order to adapt your future lifestyle to them. By planning everything earlier, you will provide yourself with the support systems, training and a genuine sense of direction that will make the transition period easier and improve your retirement lifestyle as well.

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