Is a Full Time RV Retirement Lifestyle Right for You?

If you dream of spending your retirement years traveling around the country at your leisure, a full time RV lifestyle might be perfect for you. For a growing number of retirees, full time RVing is a dream come true.

Many retirees sell their homes and invest a large portion of the proceeds in high-end recreational vehicles that allow them to see the world while traveling in comfort and style. Others maintain a home base, but spend most of their time on the road.

One of the primary benefits of a full time RV lifestyle for retirees is the flexibility. When your primary home is a recreational vehicle, your home literally is where your heart is. If you end up traveling to a location you don't particularly like, you can just leave and go somewhere else.

You can travel to warmer climates for the summer months and cooler climates for the winter months. Many northern retirees, referred to as snowbirds, flock to the warm climate of Florida every year during the winter. Many native southerners escape the heat of the summer by traveling to the Great Smoky Mountains or the Rocky Mountains to enjoy the cool air in high elevations.

Those who have friends and family spread out all over the place can plan their RV routes so they get to see loved ones on a regular basis. They never have to worry about imposing as houseguests, because they literally bring their homes with them when they visit.

Some full time RV retirees map out travel routes that allow them to play major golf courses from coast to coast. Others utilize their homes on wheels to attend home and away college and professional football games, no matter where they are held. Some full time RVers even travel the NASCAR circuit during racing season.

If you're looking forward to extensive travel during your retirement years, you just might want to consider a full time RV lifestyle. Even if you want to hang on to your home, you can certainly enjoy spending time on the road during your retirement years.

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