Is a Florida Retirement Living Right for You?

Are you tired of living in cold climates where you have to deal with freezing temperatures and snow for a large portion of the year? If so, you may want to consider joining the large numbers of individuals who choose to relocate to sunny Florida during their retirement years.

Florida occupies a large area along the east cost of the United States, and offers many options for different types of retirement lifestyles throughout the Sunshine State. Beaches stretch from one end to the other, and line both the east and the west coasts of the state.

In most parts of Florida, you can travel between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean by car in less than a few hours. Florida has long been a coveted retirement destination, partially because of the warm climate and partially because of the multitude of golf courses sprinkled throughout the state.

South Florida: Those who want to truly escape all exposure to cold weather might find retirement living in the southernmost part of the state to be very appealing. Areas such as Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Key West rarely ever experience "sweater weather" by anyone's standards.

Central Florida: Central Florida is quite warm most of the year. This region isn't quite as hot as the southernmost part of the state, but rarely ever experiences temperatures that one would describe as cold. Popular areas for retirees in central Florida include the Tampa-St. Petersburg area, Orland, Lakeland, and Ocala.

If you have grandchildren, they'll definitely look forward to visiting you when you live this close to Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and Busch Gardens.

North Florida: The northernmost part of the state stretches from Jacksonville on the Atlantic coast to Pensacola, which is very close to the Alabama state line. Temperatures occasionally dip below freezing in this part of the state, but only for a few days each year. The climate is very appealing to many retirees, and the location makes road travel in and out of Florida somewhat easier than the locations further south.

Before you pick a Florida retirement home, it's a good idea to travel throughout the state to see which region feels the most like home.  You'll be well equipped to make a sound decision about where to set up housekeeping during your retirement years once you've seen all that Florida has to offer.

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