A Second Career During Your Retirement Years?

When planning for retirement, one thing that many people don't stop and think about is how they are going to spend their time once they stop working. Many people fantasize for years about retiring, only to realize that they miss working once they are able to retire. There is a growing trend for retirees to pursue post-retirement careers.

For some people, working after retirement age is a financial necessity. Others simply want to continue feeling productive and enjoying the social and mental stimulation of working. People who return to work after retiring from their primary occupation typically don't pursue the same type of work they were engaged in during their younger years. Instead, they look for jobs that allow them to enjoy continued employment while pursuing a retirement lifestyle.

Fortunately, for those who want to continue working after they reach retirement age, employment opportunities are plentiful in many fields and geographic regions. Employers recognize the benefits of structuring jobs so that they appeal to the experienced pool of mature workers who want to continue working.

Faced with a worker shortage as the baby boomer population reaches retirement age, employers are looking at restructuring their labor force to accommodate the needs of older workers who want to continue employment. This creates job opportunities that accommodate those who don't want the demands of a full-time career track position, yet can still contribute gainfully to the workplace.

Part time jobs, positions with flexible hours, direct sales businesses, and work at home opportunities are excellent choices for retirees seeking employment that allows them to earn money without being chained to an office for 8-10 hours every day.

When seeking a post-retirement career, it's a good idea to spend time thinking about the types of activities you really enjoy doing, and seek professional opportunities that allow you to earn money while also having fun and enjoying your retirement years.

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