Stay away from the most common retirement mistakes

Just investing time and money in your retirement plan doesn't guarantee that you will be more financially secure at the retirement. If you want to make sure that you will be in a perfect position when you retire, you will have to plan everything in a diligent manner in order to avoid making mistakes that could cost you a lot. Pay attention to the most common mistakes a retiree is likely to make.

Depending on your government – this could be a fatal mistake because you shouldn't assume that Medicare and the social security will take proper care of all your medical and financial needs in retirement. You should not rely only on the government aid benefits because these benefits might not be sufficient to sustain all your real needs during retirement. Failing to set a realistic goal is another common mistake people make when trying to plan their retirement. So, if you are truly serious in your planning for the retirement, you will have to set a realistic goal on how you plan to achieve it. Don't overestimate the annual income your retirement funds will provide.

Expecting a short retirement is the third common mistake people tend to make – they are more likely to underestimate their own longevity and the amount of money they need in their retirement. The age at which they are eligible for the full social security funds is underestimated as well. So, when trying to make plans for your retirement, you must prevent yourself from assuming that you will die quite soon. Overlooking the possible medical costs may have a strong and negative impact upon your retirement. Don't feel that Medicare or your employer will take proper and full care of all your medical needs. In fact, you will be the only responsible for your own health care costs after you retire. For instance, the unplanned-for medical bills are very likely to wipe out your retirement savings and this can be done in a quite short period of time.

Forgetting about the current inflation is a common mistake as well. Keep in mind that your money is likely to buy even less in the future to come and you will have to plan investments and savings accordingly. You must not underestimate the taxes when you are planning to retire. The best thing for you to do is to try and get rid of all your taxes and debts while you are still working in order not to eat up a significant portion of your retirement savings. Carrying too much debt can torpedo every single effort to save money for your retirement and you should keep this in mind when planning your retirement.

Don't expect to keep working. Don't assume that you will stay able to work forever. In fact, many people retire even earlier than planned due to medical problems or company downsizing. Waiting to start saving is another major mistake. Therefore, you should keep in mind that the longer you plan to wait to save money, the more money you will need to save on an yearly basis. The following tips may help you avoid making mistakes as well - don't forget to take advantage of your employer's retirement benefits, don't withdraw too much money from the retirement plan, don't forget to try and actively monitor each of your investments, don't rely just on your spouse's retirement plan, don't forget to review the retirement plan on a constant basis and don't put all your current retirement investments in just one stock.

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