How to redefine yourself for retirement

Have you ever identified yourself through the majority of your life based on your work identity or career? Then, when you retire, the work identity will no longer be applicable and you may feel that you have no worth to society or yourself. So, you will have to learn how to create the necessary leisure identity. This may be a difficult task because your work identity may have suppressed your personal identity. It isn’t until you retire and give up this work identity that you begin to truly understand how strong your work identity has been. For instance, your work identity may have suppressed your personal creativity as well. You have been conditioned to believe that your work productivity is paramount.

Our work oriented society emphasizes that a work identity is equal to the self worth. So, you can be quite afraid to lose this genuine sense of dignity and self worth when you retire. In order to be able to try and redefine yourself in retirement, you will have to learn how to challenge yourself. You need to determine how dependent you are on the work identity you have gained over the years. After you have managed to shed yourself off the work identity, you will be more likely to find out that you have all the time in the world to find some genuine qualities in yourself. These qualities may have been hidden by the work identity for years.

It is high time for you to rediscover yourself – use your qualities because they are your true self. Find great pleasure in generosity, creativity, passionate pursuits, kindness and sense of humor. Don’t forget about your peace of mind – it will help you enjoy your most important and precious time of freedom. Use the following tips in order to learn how to adapt positively to the post-retirement years. In order to enjoy a smooth transition, you will have to partially disengage yourself from the full time working life. You will have to develop a whole new mindset. Even if retirement is a time for serious change, you should regard it as a period of self fulfillment and new growth. For instance, you might try to go from a full time job to a part time one.

Just trust your instincts and choose something that works best for you. Changing your internal image is essential in order to understand what your current career means to you. You will have to think about what you will become once you are retired and totally re-focused. Your perception needs to be changed in order to fully realize that you are able to be successful as a retiree if only you believe that you can do this. Appreciate yourself and remember that you are a trully unique individual. In fact, you should celebrate this fact on a daily basis in order not to forget that your personal worth will be far beyond the work you have done.

Every retiree has much to contribute and give to the world and retirement is the perfect moment for this. Interact with the people around you. Start looking for people with the same interests as you. You can find such people by improving your current social life in order to include more things, places and people. Join different groups and clubs, participate in a wide range of activities and have a really great time while doing all these things. Remain active because retirement is not all about relaxation and rest.

Focus on the things that make you feel good and consider all your available options in order to take full advantage of your personal time. You are in total control of your life – you may as well take a course, pursue a volunteer position or work a part time job in order to remain active during your retirement. Increasing your knowledge, exploring your dreams and joining a cause are things that will help you keep in mind that you aren’t worthless once you retire. Redefining yourself after retirement will not be as difficult as you might think. Maintain a youthful attitude and consider all your options.    

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