Retire in Style & Sunshine: Florida Retirement Living

Many retirees choose to relocate to sunny Florida during their retirement years. Full-time RVers known as “Snowbirds” flock to Florida every winter to escape the chilly climates in Canada, the US northeast, and many other areas. Other retirees pack up everything they own and purchase year-round retirement homes in Florida.

Warm Temperatures Year Round
There are many benefits to living in the Sunshine State for retirees. For starters, in most parts of Florida, the temperature never dips below freezing. Central and southern Florida stay warm for most of the year, and even the northern Florida panhandle rarely experiences cold temperature.

Many Senior Housing Choices
Because Florida is such a popular retirement living destination, there are a number of excellent housing options designed with the needs of seniors in mind. There are numerous retirement communities located throughout the state. Options include traditional retirement living apartments, patio home developments just for senior adults, and year-round recreational vehicle parking.

Activities for Seniors
Golf: For those who look forward to playing golf several times each week in retirement, Florida is an excellent choice. There are numerous world class golf courses sprinkled throughout the state. There are many opportunities to purchase a retirement home on a golf course and to travel throughout the state playing golf.

Theme Parks: The grandchildren will be thrilled to visit if you retire to Florida. There are so many different theme parks in the state, many of which you can enjoy on your own or save for times that your kids and their children are visiting. Many of the theme parks throughout Florida offer discount season passes for Florida residents, senior citizens discounts, and reduced entry fees for AARP members.

Check it Out
If you’re looking for a warm weather spot to serve as your home base during retirement, it’s definitely worth checking out the many advantages of Florida retirement living. Plan a trip to the state, and see if it’s time to consider looking for a permanent retirement home in the Sunshine State!

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