New Trends For Retirement Communities

There are many new trends appearing in numerous retirement communities across the nation.  Facing lower numbers of seniors moving into their communities because of the trouble in the housing market, many retirement communities are offering services and incentives to entice recent retirees to move into their communities.  The incentives offered at each retirement community will differ depending on the location of the retirement home and what the community is willing to offer its residents.

The most common incentive for many retirement communities to offer is a reduction in the purchasing price of the home if the buyer meets certain qualifications.  For example, a retirement community may host a lavish open house and reduce the price of the homes by tens of thousands of dollars for individuals that purchase their home during the open house event.  Another way that the community may provide this type of incentive to buy is to offer a cash-back reward that can be applied to the payments for the home or used for any other reason that the new homeowner can think of.

Many retirement communities have added luxury amenities to their communities to make purchasing a home in the community more attractive to potential purchasers.  Now, individuals that purchase homes in these retirement communities are offered access to pools, fitness centers, gathering halls, golf courses, and exclusive clubs as a perk for purchasing a home in that community.  For retirees that still enjoy an active lifestyle, these facilities are great because they are only used by other members of the retirement community.

Other retirement communities offer specialized services to their residents, such as access to a consultant that will help them sell their previous home or financial services to make their retirement easier and less stressful.  These services can encompass a wide range of needs and will usually depend on the most pressing needs for seniors in that geographical location.  The services that are offered to the residents of these retirement communities generally fall into the categories of Finance, Real Estate, or Personal Services.

Although the many perks, incentives, and services offered by these retirement communities may be attractive, it is still very important to evaluate the home that you would be living in and the rest of the community to ensure that the place is really right for your needs.  If the individual is choosing the retirement community based on something other than the home that they will be living in, there is a very good chance that the individual will be very unhappy once they have moved into their new home.

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